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Resignation - committee position Vacant: Jared Hyde: Sadly, its with immediate effect that Ill no longer be part of the CMCCI committee. Due to a range of factor out of my control. Id like to show my appreciation to those that have made my tender enjoyable and those that have b...
April 2024 Meeting Minutes: Jared Hyde: (112.7 Kb)
Mar 2024 Meeting Minutes: Jared Hyde: Minutes of the March 2024 meeting (63.1 Kb)
Feb 2024 Meeting Minutes: Jared Hyde: Minutes for the Feb 2024 meeting, outline of issues raised during the meeting. (131.6 Kb)
Dec 2023 Meeting Minutes: (120.7 Kb)
2024 June July Newsletter : (1,088.9 Kb)
Apr May 2024 Newsletter: Jared Hyde: Apr May 2024 Newsletter (1,127.2 Kb)
2024 February March Newsletter : (1,131.0 Kb)
Club Model Rules: Club Model Rules/Constitution (218.7 Kb)
Nomination Form 2024: Committee Nomination form (131.0 Kb)